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CNC Precision Mills

We feature twelve precision CNC mills.  The largest is a VF-4.  This vertical machining center has 50" x 20" x 25" xyz travels.  We also have 4th axis capabilities on our Haas machines. 
Our most recent precision mills include two Doosan VC 3600 production machines.  



The Doosan DNM series delivers the best cutting performance in its class.  The 5700 features a 51.2" x 22.4" table capable of handling up to 2,205 lbs.  This powerful CNC mill features a 30 piece tool holder, 8,000 spindle RPM, and a 211 ft/lb spindle torque.

Travels: X-axis 41.3", Y-axis 22.4", and Z-axis 20"

The Haas VF-4 offers user defined
macros, spindle orientation and
coordinated rotational scaling.

X-Axis: 50" / Y-Axis: 20" / Z-Axis: 25"

Features: rapid traverse rates (710  inch per min.), cutting feed rates of  650 IPM, 4"-29" spindle nose to table, 12lbs max tool weight, 5" max tool diameter and 11" max tool length.

The Doosan VC 3600 vertical machining center is designed to maximize productivity and is equipped with a new frame and servo unit, which enhances durability and performance.

X-Axis: 20.5" / Y-Axis: 14.2" / Z-Axis: 18.3"

Features: Servo-type auto pallet changer, auto tool changer, optimized spindle design for improved productivity and heavy duty cutting performance.

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