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CNC Precision

We feature twelve lathes; the largest being a Haas SL-30.  It has a maximum turning capacity of 17" x 34" and a 10" chuck.  The bar capacity for this particular machine is up to 3.0" in diameter. 

We also feature a Doosan Lynx 220L for precision CNC turning, as well as several bar feed lathes for longer, small component runs.


Haas SL30

The Haas SL-30 features a max bar capacity of 3.0", swing over bed of 30", rapid traverse X and Y axis of 710 IPM, spindle bore of 3.50" and a spindle speed between 0-3400 RPM.  X axis travel 11.3" / Z axis travel 34.0"

Doosan Lynx 220L

The Doosan Lynx 220L features a max turning diameter of 12.6", swing of 20.8", and max turning length of 12.6".  This high efficiency lathe offers 2-axis capabilities with a 12 position turret. 

X-axis travel 6.9" and Z axis travel 21.7"

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